Dance is natures own natural rhythms,  an artistic representation of sound vibrations.

Aiding in cleansing, detoxing, unclogging the mind, the waist, the waste… as we groove to sounds such as: Kompa, Reggae, Latin, Hip-Hop and African beats.

Dance while freeing yourself from stress, anger, jealousy, anxiety also trimming your SUPER HUMAN body.


In VerdicSanskrit, YOGA means to add, to join, to unite or to attach (Etymology). Yoga in more ways than one can heighten your mind, body, spirit and soul. This aligned connection improves your overall flexibility ( as within so out ) which can drastically improve your health.

Alone with improved flexibility,  making yoga a disciplined practice in your daily activities can improve muscle strength, balance, posture, joint mobility, spine health plus improve bone density.MEDITATION LOGO


Meditation is the art of getting in touch with reality. ~ Alan Watts.  Practiced through many generation and throughout the worlds, meditation is the practice or ritual of becoming in tune with one self. Allowing the thoughts to pass, silencing your mind and tuning into your very own natural healing wisdom.